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What is Content Management System (CMS) & Why WordPress

What is content?

Content is something you find the most on the internet. It could be in form of Videos, Pictures, Links, or it could be in form of Text Links. So, CMS is a software that stores content.

An example of this would help you understand what exactly a CMS is. CMS is also known as a Web Engine. So, a very good example is to think of it as a Car Engine. The way a car requires an engine to run, the same way is the engine of the web. An engine manages the functionality of a car regardless of car outer appearance, similarly, CMS manages the engine of a particular management system.

Back-End And Front-End

CMS has a back-end and a front-end. The back-end is that area where a person who is the administrator can manage the content of that CMS. And the front-end is how the CMS looks from the front. So more than 70% of the entire web is powered by different kinds of CMS. And in its back-end, admins login there to change the content. A very simple example of this is a Facebook page.


One of the special things about CMS is that CMS allows users to use templates. So regardless of what engine is in the car, only the look of the car’s front is visible to you. In the same way, a CMS has themes or templates in front of it and you change the look of a website by changing the themes or templates, no matter what kind of engine is inside.

So, there are many types of CMS. Different Content Manage Systems are available and some of them are free and some are paid. And we already discuss that WordPress is one of the very good examples of a CMS that is free and easy to use.



    CMS usually has great SEO features.  So, using a CMS you can do SEO fast because CMS usually has built-in SEO tools. SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

  2. USER

    Another feature of CMS is that CMS usually has User Management Tools. So, if you have many users, let’s say you have a subscription website or people doing purchases on your site, you can manage those users or purchases. Thanks to CMS and built-in features it has.


    Another amazing feature of CMS is that you can manage emails from it. So, if you want to send automated emails to your users, your CMS can help you do that.


    CMS also usually has support for built-in file types. File types HTML, like PDF etc.


    The most special feature of CMS is that you can extend that CMS using softwares known as plugins.


    Another super feature of CMS is that you can use it to track any changes made to files. So, if there are some changes in your file, you can see that. Similarly, you can use the functionality of editing the files from there, that’s also a very big advantage of a CMS.

Is WordPress the only CMS?

No, WordPress is not the only CMS. But yes, WordPress is one of the best CMS(s) to use out there.

Why people use CMS?

Another question you may ask that why do people use CMS? That’s because you can complete your work more quickly using a CMS. Instead of creating a website from scratch, if you use a CMS you are able to create websites in probably just a day. So, people use it for speed, ease and for comfort.

Benefits of CMS
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Stability

These three essays are one of the key reasons why people use a CMS. But let’s look some of the Cons of using CMS. What are the things because of which CMS should not be preferred or it has some challenges?

Cons of CMS

  • Security Risks

    CMS gets the update but it may take their time so it’s very important to use the latest version of the CMS you use it. So, in this case, we encourage you to use the latest version of WordPress.

  • Design Challenges

    Sometimes while updating CMS we face some challenges in design because CMS is coded in a certain way. So, this is another challenge of CMS difficulty in design.

  • Functionality Limitations

    There are some functionality limitations too which you’ll face while using a CMS. But there are many tips which we might discuss later to make sure that you make the most efficient use of WordPress as a CMS

What are some popular CMS?

The most popular CMS out there are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • Drupal

It’s important to know that CMS is the base engine for your website. A CMS will help you:

  • To do Automated Emails
  • Connect websites to Social Media
  • With User Management
  • With Content Management

is a popular CMS

We often think that why WordPress is so popular. Why is the WordPress the most popular CMS on the internet? We discussed earlier that WordPress powers almost 60 million websites on the internet. And if you see top 1 million websites, 30% of websites from them are powered by WordPress.

So, what is it exactly about WordPress that everyone is using it? 12 to 14 years old kids are using it and 60 to 70 years people are also very comfortable in using WordPress. And the most important point to know for you is that when you go to a freelance marketplace, so a lot of people would ask to make a website on WordPress. Let’s explore and see that why actually everyone keeps asking about WordPress. Let’s recap some features of WordPress that we’ve learned so far.

  • Blogs

    One of the features is blogs. Blogging is very popular and if you update any status online you are already a mini blogger then. Similarly, there are many websites around the world where people love to write. And for those websites, people are choosing WordPress because WordPress started off as a tool for the blog.
    So, if you see the top websites which are on blogging, it could be & They are using WordPress as a blog because WordPress is very good at publishing stories.

  • Free and open source

    WordPress is free and open source. Everyone prefers a good and a free thing and this is what WordPress does, WordPress is free. There is a complete Foundation, a complete company by the name of “AUTOMATTIC” which is there, and which is adding new features to WordPress every day. So, WordPress was free, it is free, and it will remain free for your whole life. And it’s the commitment of Matt Mullenweg (The Founder of WordPress) that WordPress will always remain free and open source.

  • Super simple to use

    WordPress is so simple to use. You would be surprised to know that to use WordPress you neither need any coding skills nor your need to know about HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, and MYSQL. You can use plugins to drag and drop and use WordPress with a simple You don’t need to learn advanced functionalities.

  • Popular
    Website Management Software

    We have already discussed that WordPress is the most popular website management software or tool on the internet.

  • Mobile Ready

    The pages you create on WordPress, those are already mobile-ready. So, you don’t need to install specific tools or services to install in WordPress. What every website you’ll make, it will be mobile ready from day one.

  • Themes

    WordPress has themes, you can use themes. Themes help you give a new look and feel to your website.

  • Plugins

    WordPress has plugins. Plugins help you add new functionality to your WordPress.

  • Host Media

    WordPress can host media. You can host images, videos, and media on WordPress.

  • Host Forums

    You can make forums using WordPress plugins easily.

  • Host Stores

    WordPress can host stores. You can easily make stores using WordPress.

So, these are some of the amazing things that WordPress can do.

What other things can WordPress do?

You can do everything on WordPress. Let’s see some examples:

  • You can make services websites like an appointment website
  • It’s easy to make craigslist website like Classified ads website
  • WordPress can make lead generation websites
  • You can host forums
  • You can make crowdfunding websites like KICKSTARTER

Credit: Saad Hamid

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