Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing

So far, we completely understood the brief overview of freelancing. Now we’ll discuss advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

There is no doubt that you will get freedom from time and space which means work at your own time and space. Means that you don’t need to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. anymore. So now it’s up to you, you can work at the time of your choice by the comfort of your couch. So now you are responsible to do your work, to successfully finish it and for earning money.

The advantages and disadvantages of freelancing which I am gonna list below, it is very important to understand them. Because this will attract you to freelancing and you’ll show your willingness. So let’s discuss the advantages of freelancing.

Advantages of Freelancing

Here I would like to mention another very important thing before going toward the advantages of freelancing. As we know that English is the international business language. When you go to the freelance marketplaces, you’ll have to experience it yourself, you’ll have to fear the outcomes, you’ll have to let go the fears, all that by yourself.

Business language is only one, which is English. The employer will post a project in English and you’ll have to submit an answer only in English. So, try to enhance your English communication skills too. So before specifying the advantages, let me tell you that work on your communication, improve your English. There are many ways to do so, we’ll discuss those some other time. Let’s move to the advantages of freelancing.

  1. You are boss of your own

    The first advantage of freelancing is that you are the boss of your own. The word boss of your own means that no one is gonna order you, no one can scold you, no one is there to say you why you are late today, no one will ask you why you left for home early today. So you are the boss of your own self.

  2. You can earn as much as you can

    While doing a job, you get a salary. You’ll get a fixed salary even if you put more hard work and effort into your work. It doesn’t mean that you stop doing hard work and putting the effort in your work but it is really important to know that if the more hard work and effort you put, the more you’ll get paid, then you’ll enjoy your work. There is a saying:

    If you make freelancing your hobby, you can earn as much as you want. There is another very popular quote:

  3. Casual Attire

    Casual Attire is the most important thing actually. You don’t need to dress casually as this word is self-explanatory. Dress what you like and do your work by sitting at your home from the comfort of your couch because you are not bound to wear any specific dress or formal dress.

    Advantages of Freelnacing
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing
  4. You Grow

    This is another important advantage of freelancing. When you grow in freelancing, you can start working on different skills too. With your growth in freelancing, you’ll find many other opportunities for you. So you grow in the freelance marketplace when your skills set gets improve and you get more experience.

  5. Self Recognition

    Self-recognition is equally important. You can be promoted massively and earn your own identity. So if you are a job person, you’ll always be a job person. You won’t be able to earn your own identity.

    Freelancing provides you the opportunity to make the work your own identity and to get recognition. In freelance, if your work is good, people will know you by your work, brand and hard work which turn in to your recognition.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

Where there are many advantages of freelancing, there are some disadvantages as well. Not so many but there are definitely. And it’s very important to get familiar with them because if you don’t factor in those disadvantages in your freelance career, you can run into serious problems such as health problems. Let’s discuss how.

  1. You compromise on your health

    As it is self-explanatory that the work you’ll do, definitely you have to sit in front of a computer But we also can’t compromise on our health. This is very important to understand this disadvantage and at the same time to find a solution to this.

    You can’t sit to your seat for the whole time and if you do that, I can assure you that you will run into serious health problems. So as a precaution, at least we can take a break after every 30 minutes and go for a walk for 5 to 10 minutes.

  2. You are working for almost 24 hours

    It doesn’t mean that you will work actually for 24 hours but the more you bid the more chances you have to build a communication channel with the employer and to win a project.

    So, when money and new projects excite you, you try to work almost 24 hours. Please avoid this and again you are not made for work. This is very important to understand this factor, follow a moderate approach.

    The excess of anything can cause you harm. So kindly with clock, work better and honestly. DO NOT OVER DO IT.

  3. Isolation from the society

    People bid on projects and when they get responses from clients, they keep their eyes glued to the computer more and they don’t even go out of the room. Where there are people networking with each other and hanging around, there you are working by sitting in your room.

    You don’t know about what’s going on in politics, economic, what people get in networking events. Your family is raring to meet you but you are saying only that “you have a lot’s of fish to fry, don’t disturb right now”.

    Your family, friends and your social circle is so important that you can only realize it when you’ll reach a saturation point with regards to your business or with regards to your health. And health is wealth, right?

    So you get disconnected from social networking and family when you are working for almost 24 hours.

  4. PeevishnessAnother disadvantage peevishness that occurs in your behavior and there is the scientific reason for that. According to a scientific research, due to remote working, you feel temper in your behavior.You are away from nature, you’re are out of sun and sunlight, you are not enjoying weather and rain. You are not being indulged in outdoor activities, you are not doing physical exercises which is very important for your health, metabolism, and for your cardio.

    If you glued to the computer screen for almost 24 hours, and get yourself disconnected from the world then definitely peevishness will prevail in you.

    So the solution to this problem is that give yourself a study plan and follow the routine. Do your work but at the same time take care of your health.

benefits of freelancing
Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Credit: Hisham Sarwar | The founder of Being Guru.

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