Make money online with WordPress

Make Money Online With WordPress in 2019 | 20 Ways

Let’s talk about how exactly you can make money online with WordPress? What are the things you can make money online using WordPress? But before going to this, be warned that this is not a quick rich scheme. Don’t be fooled that you’ll start work today and tomorrow you’ll start making money in millions. For this Passion and Motivation is required. It’s also very important that you sent an objective and along with this, your attention and time is also required.

20 Ways to make money online with WordPress

Before we talk about all the opportunities which WordPress provide you to make money online, please be aware of quick money-making schemes. Might be some of your friends come to you and say that “I have started a clicking job and I’m earning money through clicks”, anything like this isn’t right. Anything in which you are not putting your efforts and time, you can’t make money with that. And things like this usually lead to scam or theft.

Remember, money doesn’t grow on trees. You yourself make money with your motivation, dedication, and attention. For that you have to put your efforts, it’s a lot of hard work. If you can’t do hard work, you would not be able to make money. But if you are hard working and want to make money with your hard work then success will be at your doorstep.

20 Ways to Make Money Online with WordPress

So now let’s learn a few ways through you can make money online with WordPress. We’ll discuss 20 ways to make money online with WordPress but remember that every scheme is not for everyone. You can explore all the ways if you wish but every scheme and methodology is not for everyone. And that is why every person who has become successful focused on only one particular thing.

But we’ll discuss all the things through which you can make money online but at the end of the day, the one who has to make money is only you. You have to learn these skills and decide how’ll you make this money. And remember, WordPress is just a tool, setting your own objective is very important. Don’t forget to set objectives and let’s start with the 20 ways that you can make money online with WordPress.

  1. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing 

    What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a way to sell for others. And WordPress gives you this opportunity that if you are writing a huge content on WordPress or listing many products then you link your website with affiliate sites like Clickbank Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate. So, you can become an affiliate marketer.
    Make money online with WordPress Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  2. Google AdSense

    Making money with Google AdSense, this is one of the most popular ways to make money online with WordPress. You can make money online by allowing ads on your WordPress site but before putting ads you must have a good audience. And if you don’t have that audience then first work on building that audience where people come to your website and interact with your content. That how one of the ways that you can make money online with Google AdSense. And Google provides you these ads.

  3. Sell Ads Directly 

    If your website is popular, if there is traffic on your website then you can make money by selling ads directly. If you visit some popular websites like MangoBaaz, TECHJUICE you’ll notice that they have displayed ads on their website, that’s how they make money online. And because they have an audience, they can set ads.What you need to do is that as soon as you make your website on WordPress, one of the ways through which you can sell ads directly is by building traffic.

    Make money online by with WordPress by selling ads directly

  4. Make money with Sponsored Blog Posts

    You can make money by selling sponsored blog posts. What are sponsored blog posts? These are native content blogs which you publish on your website on the behalf of sponsors and you charge per post. This is another very good way of making money and it is something that you can do very easily as long as you have a brand in the market.

    Make money online with WordPress by Sponsored blog posts

  5. Make money by writing Reviews

    Number 5 is writing reviews. If you write reviews and do guest blogging for someone, you can make money from that brand. Not only on your site but on other’s site as well as a guest blogger or as a guest reviewer.

  6. Flipping Website

    What are flipping websites? Flipping website is selling a website, you sell your well-established sites at a higher price. We’ll talk about this in detail in future posts so stay tuned with us.

    Make money online with WordPress using Flipping Websites

  7. Create a Members Only Content

    Let’s say you’re a dietician and you’re offering a special dieting plan then you can make money with that.

  8. Job Board

    You can also make a money by offering a job board for paid members.

  9. Selling eBooks

    By selling eBooks on WordPress, you can also make money online in this way.

  10. Online Courses

    You can make a good amount of money by selling online courses on WordPress.

    Make money online with WordPress by selling courses online

  11. Webinars

    You can host Webinars to make money online. What are Webinars? These are online seminars through which you are selling your expertise to a certain audience.

  12. Freelancing Services

    You can offer freelancing services. Freelancers love WordPress. And using the WordPress you can offer your services as a freelancer and make a lot of money.

    Make money online with WordPress by offering freelancing services online

  13. Consulting Business

    You can start a consulting business. Many consultants use WordPress because it’s easy to set up and the cost of web development is maintained. You can do that as well.

    Make money online with WordPress using consulting business

  14. Coach

    You can become a coach. If you can teach something, then you can become a coach. And if you can become a coach then you can also make money.

  15. E-Commerce Store 

    Number 15 is an E-Commerce business. If you are offering things to someone to buy online, you can also make money online this way.

    Make money online with WordPress by making E-commerce Store

  16. Online T-Shirt Store

    You can create an Online T-Shirt Store and you can make money with that.

  17. Drop Shipping

    You can create a drop shipping service if you sell other’s products.

  18. Amazon Affiliate Shop

    You can create an Amazon Affiliate Shop which is similar to affiliate marketing which we discussed in the beginning.

  19. Plugins

    You can make plugins to make good money using WordPress.

  20. Themes

    You can also make themes to earn money with that.


So, we’ve discussed a few things through which you can make money online. But the most important question is how much money you can make. And the answer to this question totally depends on your hard work.

You can make from 5$ to 10000$. It’s not simple but as long as you have dedication, as long as you are hardworking, as long as you have the attention, the passion and the motivation, you’ll do it. And not only you’ll change your life but also, you’ll change the lives of people around you. And you’ll make your country proud of you.

Use WordPress, try to understand these ways to know how you can make more money using WordPress and change your life.

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