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Why it is important to set goals?

Along with setting the objectives, it’s important to know your goals. What are the goals? Why we need goals? Why it is important to set goals? We know some successful entrepreneurs. People like Elon Musk who founded TESLA, who founded SpaceX. People like Jeff Bezos from Amazon and people like Jack Ma from Alibaba and Steve Jobs from Apple. All of them had set a goal in their life and because of this, they not only changed their life but also changed this world.

  1. Take control of your life

    Why it is important to set goals
    Set goals

    When you have a schedule of your life, when your life would be in your control, that will help you become successful. When you have clear objectives, it will help you take control of your life.

  2. Focus on the important things

    Why it is important to set goals
    set goals

    Our life is so busy, especially phones, social media and this kind of noise prevailed that much, that we’ve forgotten what the important things are. And setting up the goals, helps you focus on the important things. Many people spend a lot of time on social media and many of them waste their time too.

    Similarly, there are many people who spend hours watching TV daily, why? Because they haven’t set an objective. If you have an objective like you wouldn’t watch more than half an hour TV daily, there is so much time that you can claim back from your life and do other productive things. So, setting objectives and setting goals, help you focus on the important things of your life.

  3. Make good decisions

    Making good decisions is an art and when you set objectives, you create strategies from which you can make good decisions. It is the same as if you leave your home to attend a meeting at 9, you’ll decide the route or lane which will get you the least traffic. And your brain will automatically help you to make good decisions.

  4. Finish the task efficiently

    Why it is important to set goals
    Set Goals

    When you have objectives set, you fulfill your task efficiently and you bring quality to your task. So, don’t just learn something or make money instead learn efficiently and make money efficiently, and grow.

  5. You will be Confident & Enthusiastic

    When you set your goals, you gain a lot of confidence. You gain a lot of passion and motivation. And using this passion and motivation you can be a successful freelancer or entrepreneur and you can set an example for others.

  6. You will make progress

    When you set objectives, you know exactly where you are going and what is your progress. So setting up clear goals and objectives help you make good progress. And progress is important as it helps you to grow.

  7. You will be closer to success

    Why it is important to set goals
    Set Goals

    When you set your goals and objectives, you will be closer to success. The most commonly asked question is about the success that how someone has got that much success. The best answer we have found to this question is that:

    So, if you want to be happy, if you want to do something good, please set your goals and objectives.
  8. Positive mind & positive attitude

    If your spirit, your mind, and your body, if all of them are in sync then you’ll be able to produce good work. That is why it is important to set goals and objectives.

What happens if you don’t set goals?

It’s equally important to know that what happens if you don’t set goals and objectives. Because if you don’t set goals and objectives, you’ll lose out all the opportunities of success which we have discussed before. Moreover, you’ll be unsure of your purpose; you won’t understand what you want to do and why.

You would not have any plan and if you don’t have any plan, you’ll not know what to produce or what to learn. You’d not have the calculation of time and if you don’t know about time, you’ll spend the whole day watching TV, using social media and in similar things. Apart from that, you’ll get stuck in something that we call as a “do nothing loop”.

You won’t be doing anything but you’ll feel like you’re doing everything. That is why it is important to set goals and objectives. And if you don’t do this, ultimately you’ll have no success, and you’ll have no money.


how to set smart goals
Smart Goal Setting

So, we get a clear idea from all the points we discussed that goals are very much important and having smart goals is very important. It’s important to have smart goals.

  1. Specific Goals

    Specific goals are those goals which you can write down clearly on a paper.

  2. Measurable Goals

    You can keep the progress tack of measurable goals. You can see where these goals are leading and how much progress you are achieving from these goals.

  3. Achievable Goals

    Achievable goals are small but doable. For instance, if you want to earn money don’t make a goal from the very first day that you have to earn 80,000$. Make a goal of 70 or 80$ because it’s achievable.

  4. Relevant Goals

    These are the goals relevant to what you are learning and what you are doing.

  5. Time Bound

    If you don’t have a time bound of your goal, you will not get any benefit from that goal because you don’t know that either you’ll have to achieve this goal in a month or in a year. So, have smart goals.

Example of SMART GOALS

Let’s take an example of how you would have smart goals for Learning WordPress.

  • Specific Goal

    I want to create an e-commerce website. That’s a very specific goal.

  • Measurable and Achievable

    I want 20 customers every month. That’s a very measurable and achievable goal.

  • Relevant

    You want that you’ll achieve all this using WordPress. That’s a very relevant goal.

  • Time Bound

    And time bound is that you want to do it in 2 months. So that’s how you set a SMART goal.

If you set SMART goals for yourself, you’ll be able to become successful and you’ll be able to earn a lot of money.

CREDIT: Saad Hamid

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