Should I learn freelancing?

Why Freelancing? | Introduction to Freelancing

Freelancing provides you an opportunity to rank yourself as well as to rank your country high. Where your country gets to the top in freelancing, and you become self-employed and self-empowered.

The most asked question we often hear that “I am a doctor, I am an engineer, I am a scientist, I have nothing to do with the computer so far, I didn’t get any computer education. How can I start freelancing?” Let me answer this question with a smile if you don’t have any computer education, if you have not done any diploma or course, trust me freelancing is made for you.


After knowing all that, I think now you will feel comfortable to start freelancing because freelancing is absolutely for all of you even though you don’t have any previous computer education. There would be many people among you, who are not satisfied with their job, yes you who are reading this actually, you can co-relate this with yourself. You go to the office for work daily from 9 am to 5 pm but you are not getting that satisfaction, sense of achievement which you ever wanted to get.

That is why the concept of freelancing for the past 15 years is the advancing and widespread concept in the world. Because it gives you the freedom to BE YOUR OWN BOSS rather than being employed by someone who would hire you from 9 am to 5 pm.

 But after that, you found neither the satisfaction of the job nor any sense of achievement remains there that what you want to do in your life, moreover a mechanical action from Monday to Friday continues.

World of Computer

The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates mentioned in an article of his magazine “MY 12 RULES FOR SUCCEEDING IN THE DIGITAL AGE by Bill Gates” that:

So the achievement a man can get in the world of the computer either it is fame, self-employment or monitory benefits or independence, can’t be achieved that easily in any other industry.

Another thing here to consider is that computer work is the easiest and low-cost work. All you need is one computer or laptop and internet, and you are good to go.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is named as what you do or want to do in a relaxed environment. Moreover, to me, freelancing means to work from the comfort of your couch because you are not answerable to anyone except to that employer who contractual hire you. Now it would get easy for you to quit your job without thinking anymore and can start working on different freelancing platforms.

What is freelancing?
What is freelancing?

Is Freelancing For You?

But here it is very important to know that freelancing is for those people who want to materialize their dreams. Why? Because they prefer SELF INDEPENDENCE more, they prefer BEING YOUR OWN BOSS more, they want that whatever they do, they must me be ANSWERABLE TO THEMSELVES only of their good or bad rather than being answerable to an employer, who stretch them that much from 9 am to 5 pm job that they lose their sense of achievement.

So, if you think you belong to this kind of people, you can resign your job, learn a skill that excites you, advance that knowledge and skill and not only make it advance but also take it to a master level to make yourself and your country proud of you.

Dear readers remember one thing, first keep your country in front of you. Your country comes first, whatever work you do, you are a brand ambassador of your country so, do it with pride, do it with honesty. 

Freelancing is all about being honest to yourself Unlike in a job if you are answerable to any boss, they probably ask you about what you have done today or about your monthly performance. But in freelancing, trust me no one is there to account you except your self-assessment. Get yourself to that level where not only your work gets your identity, but you also become proud of your country.

Hard Work, Self-Assessment and Dedication plays a very important role in starting the freelancing because no one is there to ask you and you are only answerable to yourself for the work you get from the freelance marketplace, for the work you do and finish it for your employer, the money you get from a freelance marketplace and the most important thing is Feedback.

When you complete or finish a task efficiently then employer gives you feedback. That feedback is those stars on your shoulder, those badges on your shirt, which you wear proudly when an employer compliment you about your good work which you have completed for him. Wear your work with pride, this is how you can start freelancing and reach a point where you will have not only your identity but also your country’s identity.

5 important key Factors to be Successful in Life

Before going to explain the key factors to be successful in life, I want you all to keep a promise with me that whenever you feel down and out, fall back to these 5 statistics mentioned below.

  1. Vision

    You should have a vision in your life. If you don’t have any vision in your life, trust me you would not even now that how you will reach your destination. So, you must have a vision which is the first and most important thing if you want to be successful in your life, especially as a freelancer.

  2. Think Big

    Having a vision and thinking big, if both are these aren’t synced then trust me you can not achieve a big rank in your life. For instance, if your vision is to be self-employed, you want to be a freelancer and with this freelancer, you think something big like you will make your own identity in the country you live, not only this but also you will make your country proud of you.

    There is a saying:

     So, it is very important for you to think big.
  3. Ignore Naysayer

    Naysayer is one who always wants to demean you. They discourage you like they would say freelancing is not for you, you can’t do it, do some job, don’t sit at home. You would also hear like there is already so much saturation in the computer world that you don’t have any chance there, find a job.

    These are naysayers which you will find everywhere, on every platform and their objective is to discourage you. Dear readers remember, filter out these naysayers from your life to be successful in your life.

  4.  Work Hard

    Only those people in the world are successful who kept themselves running with the clock. Punctuality with the time is as important as a man’s verbal commitment. When you get punctual and associate with the time, trust me GOD also helps you in that work.

    Make a timetable that this much time of the day I will work with dedication. I won’t answer the phone unless it is an important and emergency call, I won’t use social media, I don’t watch content, songs, movies etc. on YouTube. I will be just sincere with my work. This is the one secret formula which hard work brings that wonders to your life from where you cannot imagine.

  5. Payback

    It is payback to your community when GOD gives you rank when you achieve something, then it’s your duty that you share your knowledge or money or experience. These are the three things through which you can pay back to your community.

    If you can’t give money, no worries at all, but at least you can give your experience and knowledge. You are not the future of your country, you are present of your country. You are today and because of this, you can uplift your country to the top in Freelancing.

Credit: Hisham Sarwar | The founder of Being Guru.

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8 thoughts on “Why Freelancing? | Introduction to Freelancing”

  1. Avatar
    Muhammad Zahid-ul-Hussaini Naseem

    Amazing and interested article.
    I want to ask, why is it only need for more and more freelancer in our nation. Isn’t it important to create even more opportunities in which can give work to freelancers?
    Unfortunately, there is a very small number of projects which is proposed by Pakistani developer on different freelancer platform. I would must recommend to all freelancers to work not only for your existence but also create even more opportunities and work which can hire more freelancers from Pakistan.
    Thanks @freelancinginsider

    1. Abdul Qadeer

      Hi Zahid! Thanks for your feedback. Coming to the first part of your question as you know how important it is for a country to rank up in freelancing, for this we need more and more freelancers to uplift any country. And once you learn to freelance and get successful in it, you can create opportunities for other freelancers by hiring them to work for you. This is what called entrepreneurship.

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