What is WordPress? The Beginner’s Guide

WordPress is a software for making Websites. When you go on internet daily, what you do actually? You open a browser, type a link (URL) there and after that you open a website, for example, www.bbc.com or www.google.com. Any kind of site which you access daily through your browser, we call it a website. And to create that website, there is a software named WordPress.

If you focus on the WordPress name, it contains two words “Word” and “Press”. “Word” refers to a word normally we write, and “Press” comes from publishing. It’s called WordPress because it’s software for publishing websites.


Word Press a swiss army knife
Swiss Army Knife

It’s also known as a Content Management System (CMS). The beauty of WordPress is that it’s a Content Management System. It can help you manage all of this content in one place.

Many developers call it SWISS ARMY KNIFE which means WordPress allows you to different things on the web. So, the specialty of WordPress is that it is not used to make only a particular website because WordPress is used for all kind of functionality online.


WordPress blogging tool
WordPress – A Blog Tool

It started as a tool for blogs. You see people sharing their thoughts on blogs. If you remember that earlier, people used to write diaries and now the online version of this, we call it blogs. WordPress actually started off in 2003 as a platform or a tool where you could publish blogs.


Another amazing thing about WordPress is that it’s free and open source. Why it is free? Because there is a whole foundation with a name “WordPress Foundation” which supports its development. It’s the same way you use current softwares in your daily life like chrome, which is free to use.

Similarly, WordPress for your life it’s free to use, why? Because it is supported by a movement known as “The Open Source Movement”. And these are the people or coders who make free contributions to WordPress and they keep the software updated.

Simple and Easy to use

Another special feature of WordPress is that it is very simple and easy to use. WordPress is the most popular website management software. You will be surprised to know that 30% of websites from all over the internet are actually powered by WordPress.

And you’ll be amazed to know that approx. how many websites exist all over the internet. According to an estimate, more than 60 million websites are powered by WordPress and more than 30% of the top 1 million websites are powered by WordPress.


WordPress is owned by a community or a company called “AUTOMATTIC”. AUTOMATTIC is responsible to update WordPress periodically and add a new functionality to it by time.


Another good feature of WordPress is that WordPress is Mobile Ready. If you create any kind of website on WordPress, your website will automatically become compatible with mobile. You don’t need to add mobile functionality manually. That’s why WordPress is like magic as long as you know how to use the tricks.


Another very good feature of WordPress is that it has Themes or Appearances. Themes allow you to change the appearance of your website. The way you can change your appearance by changing your clothes, the same way you can change the themes of WordPress. And that’s again a very big feature of WordPress.


Plugins help you add added or extended functionality to your website. Which let you install new softwares and explore new features.


You can host any type of videos, image or files using WordPress.


If you have used internet 10 years back, you would know that there exist forums where people used to communicate with each other. There is a WordPress plugin “bbPress” through which you can actually install forums.


Suppose you want to start an online shop, it will take you almost a few hours to set up a site on WordPress which has an E-store.

Apart from all that you have unlimited features available such as you can set up

  • A blog
  • an E-commerce website
  • Business Website
  • A music website
  • Photography Portfolio Website

So WordPress is a Swiss knife.

Credit: Saad Hamid

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