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Wearing the dress, they want, and they are only answerable to the employer they work with on a freelance marketplace.

According to the statistics of 2014, 54 million Americans do freelancing. Does that sound an alarm to you? The world is changing. The concept of working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is quickly changing because of the dynamics of the job. People want to work at their own time and space.

These 54 million freelancers aren’t only digital freelancers (Digital freelancing includes skills like Web development, Graphic Designing, Creative Writing, E-commerce and so on) rather they are those freelancers who work on contractual bases as well as offline too. Mean they have nothing to take much with digital space. Some of them might be a contractor, carpenter or someone might be offering truck delivery or drop shipping etc.

If 54 million freelancers are only in America which is the hub of outsourcing. For example, I live in America and I got a big project of Graphics Designing in a freelance marketplace. So, it is obvious that I can’t finish that project alone in time. So, I’ll go to a freelancer marketplace, will post my project there and hire a freelancer after reviewing his profile. And if you complete my work with honesty and creativity, I’ll definitely pay you for the work. This is what the freelancing is.

Play your part

So out of these 54 million freelancers, you can grab a piece of the pie, your share by offering your service as a freelancer in a freelance marketplace. If you play your part, you can take your country to the top in freelancing. Don’t quit your job right now, instead spend your today by doing that much hard work that you need to quit your day job tomorrow. Which means do your job in the morning and after returning back to home, do freelancing.

So, Freelancing is World Fastest Growing Phenomena. Because full-time employment will become obsolete in the coming era.

In the next twenty years, people will only work four hours a day and most of them will be self-employed.

So, make your today better, do hard work, start doing freelancing. It is not necessary to quit your job. Get some skill after reaching home from office and master that skill by doing a lot of practice. And once you do a lot of practice, you’ll become an expert of that particular skill as a freelancer. This is how you cannot just empower yourself, but you can empower your country as well.

Types of Freelance Marketplace

After knowing what freelancing is, it’s important to know the types of the freelance marketplace. Before discussing the types, it is necessary to know that in how many ways we can do freelancing in freelance marketplaces. There are two types of freelance marketplaces:

  1. Traditional

    In a traditional marketplace, Employer comes, post a project. You as a freelancer bid on the project, employer observes your profile, bid, and the response in your bid and then initiate a communication channel with you. And if both your yours mentality is synced, the employer will award you the project. After when you successfully complete your work, the employer pays you for that work.

    Types of Freelance Marketplace
    Traditional freelance marketplace

    Biggest Traditional Freelance Marketplaces


    It’s a merger of elance and oDesk. Upwork is by far the biggest freelance marketplace.

    Upwork | Freelancing
    Upwork | Traditional Market Place


    If you google “freelancer”, this site will automatically come to the top. Freelancer.com is the second biggest freelancer marketplace.

    Freelancer.com | Traditional Freelance Marketplace


    Millions of projects have been successfully posted to Guru.com

    Guru.com | Traditional Freelance Marketplace
  2. Not-Traditional

    A few years later back in 2010, a freelance marketplace named as fiverr.com introduced the concept of the non-traditional marketplace it was quite successful.

    fiverr.com picture
    Fiverr.com | Non-Traditional Freelance Marketplace

    In a non-traditional marketplace like Fiverr, people put their services and packages there, and employer investigates the details of that package like Videos, price, extra offers etc. And after reviewing all this, he hires your service. Then the payment stays in the Escrow and when you successfully deliver the work, then employers release the payment from escrow to your account. Escrow is actually a concept which is that your money stays with the freelance marketplace. So it protects both parties interest.

    Freelance Marketplace types
    Not-Traditional Freelance Marketplace

    So figure out your vision, that on which type of freelance platform, you want to offer your services. If you like both one, there isn’t any problem at all. You can offer your services on both types of freelance market.

Credit: Hisham Sarwar | The founder of Being Guru.

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